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Wildebeest Migration Masai Mara National Park Safaris 2013

February 17, 2012

Introduction to Masai Mara And Serengeti Ecosystems

The Annual Wildebeest migration also  annual wildebeest migration or  Great Wildebeest migration takes place in an extremely rich, contiguous Masai Mara Serengeti Ecosystem.   The Masai  Mara Natioanl Park (also called Maasai Mara)  magic is attributed to its panorama and rich biodiversity.  Animal populations are overwhelming, the species presentation is mesmerizing.

The migration of Wildebeest.

Also called the great migration, the migration is not about wildebeest per se but also the accompanying common zebra and gazelles. Migration also shapes the behaviour predators in Masai Mara/ Serengeti ecosystem.  They keep on following the migrating herds.  These migrating herds comprise of over 2.5 million animals, 1.7 gnus and the rest are common zebras, gazelles and impalas. Nature lovers also follow the migrating herds from Serengeti into Masai Mara and back.

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Centre of attraction:

The centre of attraction in the migration cycle is the wildebeest, in some instances called the wilderbeast. Referred to as the gnu, it is also called the crown of  the plains do to its funny behaviour.  The botanical name Connochaetes gnu, is descriptive, the Greek for wild cattle with a beard.  The females synchronize their aetrus ( receptive period in female antelopes) thus they are mated together and give birth to the calves at the same time.  This is an anti predation behaviour.  The large number of foals makes it possible for them to survive in the predator infested wilds.  It is also easier for all mothering females to protect their young ones together. Mating takes place in Masai Mara while curving takes place in Serengeti.

Where it starts and ends

Taking the birth of the young, we can say that migration starts in Serengeti

Why they Wildebeest Migrate

Wildebeest mostly migrate in search of young succulent grass.
Wildebeest Migration Safaris in Masai Mara and Serengeti 2013

Several  wildebeest migration safaris are scheduled in both  Masai Mara (Maasai Mara) and Serengeti National Parks in the year 2012.  The duration of the safari depends on various factors but mostly on time and budget but also the flexibility of the guest.  The all drive 11 days Masai Mara Serengeti Migration Safari commences from Nairobi and returns to the same via Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, and Amboseli.  The 8 days fly drive Wildebeest Migration Safari Masai Mara National Park  (Mara Explorer 8 days) is a luxury option. Guests fly from Nairobi Wilson to Masai Mara and return to the same.  The 4 days 3 Nights Migration safari combines Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Naivasha.   The 6 days Best of Tanzania Safari focuses on wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park.   The best time to witness migration in Masai Mara National Park Kenya, is between July to September. Serengeti National Park is best visited between March and May.

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This safari is easily combined with 4 days gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park

Maasai Mara Serengeti and Gorilla Tracking Safari

February 10, 2011

Maasai Mara Serengeti Safari | Masai Mara Ngorongoro Lake Manyara, Amboseli 11 days.

This 11 days safari feature

Day1:  Arrival in Nabo overnight Serena hotel HB

Days2 and 3:  Maasai Mara Park withovernight stay at Mara Serena lodge FB

Days4 and 5:  Serengeti National Park overnight Serengeti Serena FB

Days 6 and 7:  Ngorongoro overnight Ngorongoro Serena FB

Day 8: Lake Manyara overnight Manyara Serena

Day9:  Amboseli

Day10:  Half day Amboseli and drive to NBO

Day11: Transfer to Airport to catch flight home

Price in USD

  • 2 people sharing USD 4587.00 PP Total 9174.00
  • 3 people Sharing USD 4026.00PP Total 12,078.00
  • 4 People sharing USD 3695.00 pp Total 14,780.00

Price  all inclusive of park fees, accommodation, transport, all meals, crater fees at ngorongoro, sight seeing.

Full programme At 11 days NBO-Mara-Serengeti-Ngorongoro-Manyara-Amboseli-Nbo

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This safari can be combined with 4 Days Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

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